Web development

We build powerful web applications

Software shouldn't be limited anymore to a program running on your computer. You want your application to be available anywhere, anytime. We craft web applications that live in the cloud so that it can be used by just opening the browser, whether it's on a desktop computer or a handheld device.

DIVE develops mobile apps

Web applications

Powered by technologies like ReactJS and Laravel (PHP), we're creating powerful web applications such as:

  • Sales tools
  • Cloud applications that speed up your enterprise workflow
  • Your new startup idea
  • Map/data visualisations

Custom websites

Looking for an SEO-friendly website? We create highly customizable websites running on OctoberCMS or Craft, making sure everything is easy for our clients to manage. We love to get challenged both creatively and technically.

Responsive from the ground up

It doesn't matter if your user is on a smartphone, laptop, tablet,... , they should all get a unique experience with the same quality. By building everything mobile-first we make sure to deliver on that promise.

Analyze and learn

By using analytics we can improve user retention and conversion for your web project.

Other services